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This year’s event was supposed to be the 6th time, “TAKIBI NO OTO -TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL-“, but unfortunately it was only live-streamed this year.

The staff of TAKIBI NO OTO challenged the crowdfunding!

Therefore, for those who are looking forward to the visit, we challenged crowdfunding to make and sell an apron that the staff committed to the details, with the desire to deliver something as much as possible this year and the hope that it can be held safely next year.

Using the flameproof flame-retardant material “PROBAN”, the outdoor enthusiast’s staff has packed the ideal of having such a function while enjoying the outdoors. Every time the sample came up, I tried it on, changed the factory many times, and it was finally completed at the last minute of the event. It is an apron that we put our feelings for everyone including customers and staff to will enjoy the festival and could have a good time outdoors.

Crowdfunding is still ongoing, and we look forward to your support!
Please see makuake HP for details.
(It has already successed. Thank you for your support!!)


This apron will be worn by the staff on the day of the event with the feelings of everyone who could not attend the event, so please check it out as it may be reflected during live-streaming.


Wakasu Park Campground, located in Koto Ward facing Tokyo Bay, offers day-trip BBQs and overnight camps. Due to its good location in Tokyo, it is used by a wide range of people from beginners to veterans of the outdoors, and it is also characterized by the large number of families. As the name suggests, the Kiba area has been famous as a timber town with many timber dealers since the Edo period. Currently, they have moved to Shinkiba, which is the closest to Wakasu Park, and it is the largest timber accumulation area in the world.

The “TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL-“, which is held every year at Wakasu Park, which is closely related to such trees, has been held as a “Takibi Club” since 2015, and this is the sixth time this year. At the time of the event, the scale was smaller than it is now, and the main content was “trial campfire,” and the event was held as an event where people can easily enjoy the campfire.

From 2019, it has been reborn as an event “TAKIBI NO OTO -TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL-” featuring “fire”, “sound”, “tree”, and “food” as keywords. Every year, not only the wonderful live performances of the artists, but also the store owners provide attractive content, and as a result, many people come to the event.

You can enjoy as you like.

The sound of burning fire begins with the smiles of the visitors waiting for the opening. It is one of our annual pleasures to see each person line up at the reception with their proud camping equipment. When the venue finally opens, the venue will be decorated with colorful tents and tarps, and the pleasant DJ and stage performances and the crackling campfire will sway in the sea breeze.You can spend your time alone in a relaxed atmosphere, actively participate in the prepared content, and enjoy whatever you do in the venue.

photo by yoshiyasu

At the market, you can see a lineup of products that you can’t help but pick up, and at the workshop, you can see adults forgetting time and working hard. At Marche, which has the theme of “small and fun farm”, fresh vegetables are lined up and you will be hungry just by looking at it. The green onions and potatoes, which are popular every year for their deliciousness, are exquisite, and the experience of eating in nature will be unforgettable.

The kids area is also lively with many families every year. The sight of children dancing in a circle holding hands and laughing with new friends is a very smiley sight, and it is a moment when you want to release the shutter. Learning the importance of fire and nature, which are rarely touched, is an irreplaceable time for children.

A fantastic flame that burns in nature

After a while, when the sun starts to set, the hall will show a different face. The flames of the fire flicker, and the lanterns are lit one by one. The sight of the tent being illuminated from the inside and being colorfully colored is very fantastic, and the same thing can never be seen again, it is an art work made by all the visitors.

As the night goes on, the live performances get more exciting, and we are finally heading to the finale. Last year, as the first attempt, we held a bonfire after the live. The big flame, which is different from the campfire, was still powerful, and the music and dance in that situation was a masterpiece. The bonfire ends with great success and the day’s schedule ends.
Actually, the bonfire had never been tried at the venue, and it was a real performance. It is a secret that all the staff sweated when they saw the sea breeze getting stronger and it was hard to ignite.

After the schedule in the venue is over, the sound of the campfire echoes comfortably in the silence. Those who surround the bonfire and look at the flames vaguely, and those who have a party with delicious sake. The day ends with different ways of enjoying each.

A fantastic flame of a campfire burns in nature. The pleasant sound of a tree popping with flames. Gaze at the campfire vaguely and get drunk with delicious foods and drinks. When there is a campfire, people naturally gather and conversations are lively. In front of the fire, one returns to nature and feels calm and, for some reason, honest. In the flames of the campfire and the gentle lights of the lanterns, you can enjoy nature in the city center by entrusting yourself to wonderful music. “TAKIBI NO OTO” is such an event.

For further power-up

In the midst of the corona disaster, we made trial and error, such as creating guidelines and soliciting opinions on SNS, aiming for an event that all parties including customers, artists, and staff can enjoy “safely and securely” toward this year’s event. However, while ensuring the safety of all people, we decided that it would be difficult to hold the event in a way that would satisfy everyone, so we decided to hold it only for live distribution.

This year, only live distribution was held, but this is the first attempt on TAKIBI NO OTO. Taking this positively, we aim to deliver a video that conveys the atmosphere of the venue and the splendor of the bonfire not only to those who participated every year, but also to those who are new to the bonfire sound, so please look forward to it.

It will be delivered on this channel! (Live streaming is finished.)

THAT IS GOOD (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4NrpzBLkJPuGnjYv0ESoQ/)

We hope that this coronavirus infection will be resolved as soon as possible, and all the staff will make an effort to provide our customers with a more powerful TAKIBI NO OTO.
First of all, we hope you enjoy the live stream on October 31st, and we are really looking forward to seeing you again next year!!!

Written by TAKIBI NO OTO – TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL- Executive Committee Shimizu