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“TAKIBI NO OTO -TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL-” was held on October 31st.
This event, which was held for the 6th time, was held live-streaming this year in consideration of the influence of the new coronavirus. The day was blessed with good weather, and the venue was filled with enthusiasm by the wonderful music of the artists and the flames of the campfire.


While all the big events were canceled, we wanted to manage to hold “TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL”. In order to formulate more safer and more secure guidelines, we solicited opinions through SNS and accepted reservations instead of starting ticket sales. We had more meetings than usual and aimed to meet the expectations of the customers who gave us their opinions and reservations, but unfortunately we were not able to welcome the visitors.

Even so, in order to keep the fire of the campfire, we decided to hold a new form of “TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL” for the first time this year by live distribution.

To deliver nice sounds and live excitement

Even though it is live-streaming, Wakasu Seaside Park campsite where you can enjoy camping and campfires on the lawn even in Tokyo. And at “TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL” you can relax and get familiar with the music. From the day before, all the staff made preparations for the setup in order to convey the charm of the festival as we do every year. Partly because of that, the weather on the day of the event was very sunny in autumn. As the sun rises, the temperature rises, the green of the lawn shines, and it was sweaty in sunny places.

The first performance is an upbeat DJ by starRo, who was nominated for the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Remix Recording and has received a lot of attention overseas. The staff was nervous because it was the first live distribution, but the distribution started safely. Under the clear blue sky, we were able to deliver a comfortable sound from the stage that is the DJ BAR every year.

Next, we moved the stage to the sea side and prepared for live performance by KENTA HAYASHI, who is also widely active in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. we moved the equipment in a hurry with the staff who distributes the video. The white canvas of the stage tent was breezy to match the pleasant tone.

The venue gradually reaches dusk, and the Tokyo Gate Bridge glitters in the setting sun. The bonfire begins to light in the beautiful evening scenery as usual, where the sky and the sea are dyed orange.

The four-member band nego is finally on stage as the venue is surrounded by the atmosphere of “TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL”. Each sound is intertwined, and the unique sound that hits the body directly, combined with the flame of the campfire that gradually strengthens the momentum, seems to liven up the night that will start from now on.

And Mitsukaze, last year he co-starred with Green Massive and Karamushi, but this year he will appear solo. It was a very powerful performance even in solo, and at the end it was a chorus involving the people concerned and staff, and the voice echoed throughout the venue forever.

The last is the RABIRABI, also known as the Jomon transformer unit. This was also a more powerful performance than usual, and wrapped the venue in a groove that mixed the darkness of the night and the flame of the bonfire and sublimated it.

All the artists showed off their wonderful sounds and live performances that were as hot as the flames of the campfire, probably because it was the first outdoor live in a long time due to the corona situation, or because it was to blow away such “new-normal” life. The delivery was also a great success, and we were able to finish it with no problems.

“TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL” collaboration apron

This collaboration apron was created for those who were looking forward to this event, which was unfortunately not normally held, and with the hope that it could be held safely next year.

All the staff wore it on the day. Even from the event staff who carry a lot of equipment on site and need a lot of work such as setting up and preparing for a campfire praised highly “There are many pockets so you can store everything you need!” It doesn’t get stiff shoulders! “

For next year’s event

This year, as a result of considering the “safety and security” of all people involved in “TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL”, including customers, artists, and staff in the corona storm, only live distribution was held. We hope that the coronavirus infection will be resolved as soon as possible, and all the staff will make an effort to hold the event in a more powerful form next year, so please look forward to it.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the venue.

About the sale of collaboration aprons

Crowdfunding, which we were trying for the first time, has finished successfully. Thank you to everyone who made the purchase and support comments!
Even after the crowdfunding is over, you can purchase it at the online shop. This product has received a lot of praise from the field and work staff as well as the outdoor scene. (Online shop is currently in preparation) It will open later this month, so please check it out!

Writtern by TAKIBI NO OTO ”TAKIBI MUSIC FESTIVAL” Management staff Yurudzume