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#Music 2020.10.12

“What to do now” sending appeals of Japanese culture for post-corona era

Due to the worldwide infection of the new coronavirus, each country experienced the first social situation such as lockdown and self-imposed isolation. Shops and facilities were closed to avoid “3Cs” and concerts and events were canceled, but everyone is still trying online online without giving up on communication.
Meanwhile, programs that let people watch beautiful images and pleasant music have become a hot topic, and various producers have begun to create content.

We also decided to create a collaboration content of superb view and music with superb view of Japan, Japanese artists, and Japanese staff to deliver “the excitement of live performances that we want to go to again someday, and the beautiful scenery that we want to visit someday” to attract future fans of Japan.

There are still many places in Japan with spectacular scenery and high cultural value that people around the world want to know. There are also many DJs and artists who are known around the world. “THAT IS GOOD”‘s superb view x MUSIC is “a music channel with a superb view that lets you know the goodness of Japan” by collaborating with DJs on a wonderful land.

The number of foreigners visiting Japan in 2019 is more than 30 million, and this year they cannot go anywhere, and there are many such people all over the world. And we are looking for an experience. We will send it to the world in order to convey to those people the good points and atmosphere of Japan that cannot express in words, which we would like them to feel at that place.

Shooting so far

July : Yokosuka (Kanagawa)
I asked my friend DJ Mariennu to take a test shot in Yokosuka. There are many mistakes in this due to equipment and shooting position, so I would like to edit it someday.

August: Musashi Mitake Shrine (Tokyo)
I shot of J.A.K.A.M. at Ayahiro Falls, the sacred place for waterfalls. This is the first content to be released this time. Also, in August, I shot of KAORU INOUE at the lighthouse “Sea Candle” in Enoshima (Kanagawa). This will be released on October 20th the following week.

September : the Sannai Maruyama Jomon site (Aomori)
RABIRABI was shot at the Sannai-Maruyama Jomon Site (Aomori). We also shot JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY at Oyu Stone Circle Site (Akita). The Oyu Stone Circle Site and the Sannai-Maruyama Jomon Site are also expected to be registered as World Heritage Sites from next year onwards as a group of Jomon sites in Hokkaido and Tohoku.
Furthermore, in September, we welcomed KENSEI in Geibikei (Iwate), which is known for its scenic scenery, and we are shooting a play that includes a collaboration with the folk song “Geibi-oiwake”.

October : The other day, I shot with starRo in the view from the summit of Kiyosato Terrace (Yamanashi). We plan to release more and more of these shot works in the future.

Future shooting

From next month, we will shoot in Gusuku and remote islands in Okinawa. In addition, as a landscape that symbolizes Japan, we plan to shoot at places overlooking Mt. Fuji, castles, shrines and temples. Choose some places with a story in the background, such as a world heritage site, cultural buildings, objects of worship, power spots, etc., and ask those who have a connection to perform.

Through this content, we would like to support tourist spots in each region and the local governments that own them, and literally acquire “future Japanese fans” around the world.We will try to publish 2 to 3 videos in a month, so please support us and enjoy!