Do you ever enjoy art?
There are many people who think that art is out of their reach because it has a high-minded image or because they wonder what the fascination is in the first place.
However, art is now attracting attention from a variety of perspectives, such as Banksy’s work in Tokyo, the idea that art can be useful for business, and as a tax-saving measure for companies and as an investment target for the Corona disaster. In fact, the contemporary art market is becoming more active worldwide.


I wish I could talk about this at another time, but I believe that the greatest appeal of art is the “power of transmission” of the work and feeling the power of the artist.

その様なわけで、日本の現代アートを世界に発信するべく、THAT IS GOODが“いいね!”と思ったアーティストを紹介させて頂きます。アーティストや作品に対しての興味だけでなく、さらに作品が持つパワーを読み解くお手伝いもできればと思っています!

Therefore, in order to introduce Japanese contemporary art to the world, THAT IS GOOD would like to introduce some of the artists that we think are “good”! We hope to help you understand the power of the artworks as well as your interest in the artists and their works!

今回、ご紹介させていただくのは、BOXER JUNTARO(ボクサージュンタロウ)さん。
2021年5月19日(水)~5月25日(火)の期間にて[BOXER JUNTARO SOLO EXHIBITION Curated by TOKYO URBAN ART]が行われます。

This time, I would like to introduce you to BOXER JUNTARO.
BOXER JUNTARO SOLO EXHIBITION Curated by TOKYO URBAN ART” will be held from May 19 (Wed) to May 25 (Tue), 2021.
The exhibition will include his recent works, new works, and silkscreen works with Covid-19 pandemic.


※この個展は終了しています。 This exhibition has been closed.


Period: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 – Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00 *Open until 20:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, until 18:00 on the last day
Location: “no-ma”
Address: Rise Bldg. 1F, 13-17 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 min. walk from Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station
※The opening hours may be shortened or cancelled depending on the situation of the spread of the covid-19 outbreak.

全4回の予定で(インタビューが面白すぎたので伸びるかもw)、BOXER JUNTAROさんの作品作りに対する想い、ちょっと気になる事件の話、ご自身が普段生活している大阪や海外のストリートでの話、こんな内容でお届けします!

There will be a total of four articles (the interview was too interesting, so it may be extended), including BOXER JUNTARO’s thoughts on creating artworks, some interesting incidents, and stories about his daily life on the streets of Osaka and overseas!


角度を変えて観るだけでも変わって見えるはず。今回こうやってzoomで喋っていますけど、(今回のインタビューはzoomで実施しました)やっぱり、対面することのパワーってあるじゃないですか…? 作品も一緒で、モニターやスマホの画面を通して観るのと、実物のパワーは全然違うものなんですよ。」

“I really want people to see my work in person, and I feel this even more strongly now that more and more of my work is being transmitted digitally through SNS and the Internet.
Original pictures are amazing. I’d like you to judge whether my pictures have that kind of power. Most works of art make you tired because the artist’s power is twisted into them. That’s what I want you to feel. If you just look at it from a different angle, it will look different. I’m talking to you via zoom this time (this interview was conducted via web), but isn’t there a power of face-to-face interaction? It’s the same with artworks, the power of seeing them through a monitor or smartphone screen is completely different from the power of seeing them in person.”

朴訥ぼくとつながらもエネルギーのあるコメントをしてくれたBOXER JUNTAROさん、実は今年で活動歴20数年になるそうです。ただ活動歴は正直そこまで覚えていないらしく、15周年イベントの後、20周年イベントを5年後にやった訳じゃないとハニカミながら答えてくれるなど、かなりザックリな感覚でやって来たみたいです。

BOXER JUNTARO, who gave us a simple but energetic comment, has been active for more than 20 years this year. He answered with a smile, “It’s not like we did after the 15th anniversary event, we did the 20th anniversary event exactly five years later.” It seems that he came here with a very casual sense.

ただ学生から社会人になる分岐の時期に全部真っ白になったんですよね。自分の考えていた道筋が全て無くなったというか。最初は自衛隊に入りたくて。可愛がってくれたじいちゃんが海軍で、結構憧れたんですよね。でも入る手前くらいにPKO(国連平和維持活動)があって。それで自衛隊の意味がわからなくなった。国民を守るため…のはずが、なぜ他国に行って、そこで亡くなったりする人もいる…なんて一人で考えていました。また格闘技の方向に進もうかとも考えたのですが、ちょうどその頃、車にも撥ねられたんすよ。それで全てが真っ白に(笑) その真っ白になった中で頭に浮かんだのが絵だったんです。子供の頃から絵を描くのが大好きで、やっぱり絵でやっていこうかなと。独学で学んで今に至ります。」

I didn’t go to an art school, and I didn’t start my own design company, so if you ask me when I started, I’m not sure.
But when I went through the change from being a student to a working adult, everything went completely blank. It was like all the paths I had been thinking about disappeared. At first, I wanted to join the Self-Defense Forces. My grandfather, who took good care of me, was in the navy, and I longed to join. But before I could apply, there was a peacekeeping operation (PKO). That’s when I lost sight of the meaning of the Self-Defense Forces. It was supposed to be for the protection of the Japanese people, but why were they going to other countries, and why were some people dying there? I thought about going into martial arts again, but around that time, I was hit by a car. Then it all went totally blank lol In the midst of all this blankness, what came to mind was painting. I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid, so I decided to make a career out of it. I taught myself how to draw, and here I am now.


When I asked him if he had any artists as inspirations, he said not really. He says that he is inspired by many things that come into his mind in his daily life, and that he meets things and people that he likes, but he doesn’t remember being influenced by anyone in particular.


That’s why he started his activities to promote his art in a unique way.
The desire to draw and to be seen led him to start a brand called BOXER in about 2000, where he made T-shirts of his works. The reason he did this was because he thought that if people walked around wearing his paintings, more people would see them.


At the time, I didn’t understand the genre of apparel, and I thought that all places that sold clothes were “clothing stores”, so I just went to all kinds of stores lol Anyway, I went to a lot of stores.



Then, after receiving advice from a senior colleague, he jumped into BEAMS. He thought it would be rude to visit BEAMS without contacting them, so he called first.


When I called the Harajuku branch, they introduced me to one of the top buyers at the time. I’m still good friends with him. I sent him a sample, and about a week later, he called me and said, “Let’s do it right away!” From there, I started to expand nationwide, and it really changed my world.

原点となったBEAMS STREETのペイント
The BEAMS STREET painting that became the starting point

さらに、そこから池袋に当時新規開店することになっていた、BEAMS STREETと言うショップのガラス面の壁画を手がけることになる。この時はじめて、その後のBOXER JUNTAROさんの作風のキモとなるアクリル絵の具(発色の良い絵の具、イラストレーションなどによく使われる)と出会ったのだそうです。

From there, he started to work on a glass wall painting for a store called BEAMS STREET, which was going to open in Ikebukuro. It was at this time that he first encountered acrylic paint (a color-rich paint often used for illustration), which would later become the key to his style.


I thought about what I should use to paint on glass, and reached the decision to use acrylic paints.
Before that, I had a different style of painting, and I was trying out different things. I drew what I wanted to draw… I tried oil paintings and watercolors, but you can’t paint on glass with ordinary painting materials. Anyway, I tried acrylic paints at that time, and the colors came out really well. The work I painted then was the starting point of my subsequent style.


This was a major turning point in his mind, not only in terms of art materials and style, but also in the way he thought about exhibitions. Until then, each work had a different style, but after this event, he began to think in terms of a unified theme.


For example, I look at the next exhibition hall and think about how it will look when it is displayed, like, I have 10 paintings lined up on that wall… I want people to see it better. Anyway, I also feel that I can never lose to someone who has graduated from an art school lol
Even now, when I say this, my friends who have graduated from art school get mad at me and say, ‘Give me a break with that’ lol


In 2020, I heard that some exhibitions were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. I asked him if there was any change in his sense of values due to the covid-19, or if he felt depressed.


All the exhibitions were gone, but thankfully I got a lot of work on the exterior walls and design, so I was quite busy. After that, I started uploading illustrations to Instagram every day, and I also started making silk screen art. I used to print T-shirts by myself. I had worked at a printing factory and learned printing techniques, but I didn’t do it because even though it’s the same silk, T-shirts and artwork are completely different.

The process of creating a silkscreen work①
The process of creating a silkscreen work➁

The process of creating a silkscreen work③


Also, I bought an iPad. I was recommended it because my younger colleagues say “Because it definitely fits your art style!”. I’ve been using it for a while now, and it’s been interesting and useful. I still prefer to draw live, but I use it differently.
I felt uncomfortable sometimes. I finally felt more comfortable with it, but there were still parts that I couldn’t fill in. If I make a mistake, I can go back to it right away, right?
When you’re drawing live, when you make a mistake or an error, there’s sometimes a flash of inspiration from the “Aha!” Paint splattering, for example. With digital, you don’t have that. It’s also easy to trace, and there are people who call it art, but… I’m gonna kick your ass! lol
For me, a work of art is something that I’ve twisted myself into, so I think it’s important to be able to feel the power of it. Digital works don’t have any irregularities, and for better or worse, they’re just printed matter.
Now that I’ve used it, I can say that I feel like, “I’m not going to be defeated by any artist who works digitally! Because people are analog to begin with lol.

Illustrations drawn using an iPad.
Illustrations drawn using an iPad.

JUNTAROさん熱いっす! なんでも試してみて、必要とあらば専門でやっている会社に教えを乞うてもみて、ちゃんと自分のものにしながらも、不要と思えばパッと手放していく潔さが、オリジナリティの高い作品を生み出す原動力なのかなと感じました。

JUNTARO is so hot! 
I felt that the driving force behind the creation of highly original works is the gracefulness of trying out everything, asking for advice from specialized companies if necessary, and making it your own while quickly letting go of it if you find it unnecessary.
I personally don’t have anything against digital art, but I can relate to the passion of analog art, so I asked him about the message of his work.


I don’t think I’m the type to put a message into my work. I don’t have a reason, I just draw what I want to draw. It’s been the same since I was a child.

BOXER JUNTAROさんは、一貫して“描くこと” “人に作品を見てもらうこと”を、制作の軸にされているのだなという印象でした。ともかく“作品を見てもらう”ために繰り返してきたトライ&エラーの果てに今があるというか…。

I got the impression that BOXER JUNTARO consistently focuses on “drawing” and “having people see my work” as the axis of his production. In any case, he has achieved what he has today through repeated trial and error in order to “get his work seen.
If I may sound arrogant, I got the impression that he is very pure, like a child showing a picture he drew, much more so than the desire for approval sometimes shown by artists who are more self-produced.


His rebelliousness against the elite who have graduated from art school (I don’t know if there is such a thing, or if he was joking in the first place), and the fact that his heart is reflected in the process of making an effort to get his work out into the world, instead of going to the negative elements, are all manifestations of his purity. That’s why the painting style is simple and powerful, I selfishly imagine.


Now that I think I’ve introduced BOXER JUNTARO as an artist, I’d like to introduce the episodes of his exhibition in the next article!


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He began his career as a self-taught painter. His artwork with simple, strong lines and vivid colors has attracted attention in a wide range of fields. He has provided graphics for many brands and famous artists. In addition, he has gained tremendous support from the street scene and is involved in a wide range of activities, including constant events involving many people.

文: THAT IS GOOD 編集部 古賀
Text: THAT IS GOOD Editorial department, Koga