音に導かれる旅 トルコ・モロッコ・セネガル イスラムとの邂逅 中編

Journeys Guided by Sound

トルコ・モロッコ・セネガル イスラムとの邂逅 中編

Turkey, Morocco, Senegal Encounter with Islam middle part


思い返せば、実質2週間弱という短い滞在の割には、ラティールというある意味 “日本・セネガル親善大使” 的な側面も持つミュージシャンの実家に一人で世話になりながら、音楽という媒介を通じて深く交流できたことで、いわゆる普通の観光者とは違う濃厚な日々を過ごせたと思う。

Looking back, although my stay in Senegal was short (less than two weeks in fact), I was able to spend very rich days, different from ordinary tourists, by spending time alone at the home of a musician named “Latir,” who is in a sense a “goodwill ambassador between Japan and Senegal,” and by interacting deeply with him through the medium of music.


Reading the basic information as listed below again now in writing this, I am deeply moved to see a different perspective.




Knowing almost nothing of these basic information, I asked a lot of questions, mainly to him and various people I met in the area, and I feel that there are some errors in the story told from their words, as locals.

その理由としては、この様な歴史情報というものが所詮このシステムを作った人間達の視点から述べられ、作られてる事が多いためだろう。“勝者が歴史を作る” という言葉があるが、現在のアフリカが経済的意味で “勝者” と呼べる状況ではないことから考えると、真実の歴史はまだしばらくは一般的には語られざる状況なのではないかと思う。

The reason for this is that such historical information is often written and produced from the viewpoints of those who created the system. There is a saying, “Winners make history,” but considering that Africa is not a “winner” in the current economic sense, the true history will not be told to the general public for some time to come. I believe that the true history of Africa will remain generally untold for some time to come.


Furthermore, in the aftermath of the 2001 World Trade Center bombing, when Muslims all over the world were suddenly accused of terrorism on some unfounded grounds, the story of Senegal, where 98% of the population is Muslim, seems more distant to Japanese and people from other countries who are not familiar with Islam.


The image projected by the Western media of “Islam = terrorists = scary and dangerous” is powerful.


My father told me at the age of 10 that, for example, Ryoichi Sasakawa was the head of evil (a shock to me since I was forced to watch commercials every week that made me think that the entire nation was a good person). I was also taught that professional wrestling was all about “illegal extortion,” and since my father’s sister worked for Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company that has become known throughout the world in recent years, I was exposed to how ruthless pharmaceutical companies are in their pursuit of profit only. I was aware of the harmful effects of television, in other words, the spreading of false fog and the hypocritical way in which corporations covet profits, so I was completely suspicious of and rejected the bombing of Afghanistan in 2001 and the suspicion that Muslims are terrorists.

Anyway, let’s start the Senagal travelogue.


I hadn’t slept at all when I arrived at Goree Island, but the weather was nice, so I took a short walk around the island with Latir and his junior colleague, Mars.


However, I knew that this island, which I visited because it was Latir’s family home, once had a fortress aspect, as evidenced by the fact that cannons like this one are lying all over the place.
At that time, I did not know what kind of historical aspect it had…


Quiet and tranquil.
As mentioned above, it reminds me of Taketomi Island in Okinawa.


However, the strangely European elements that appear here and there on the island can be described as stylish, but I also felt a sense of discomfort.


The capital city of Dakar can be seen within swimming distance if one tries hard enough.
However, there are few beaches, and the island itself seems to be surrounded by cliffs.

Then the above wall painting catches my eye.


A worldview or mood that I have never seen before. When I asked Maas what it meant and who these people were, he said they were saints.


At this point, I had no idea about “Islam” myself.
I had read the Old and New Testaments in a book that my father had sent me a few years earlier, and I was aware that Islam was a part of the Bible…or at least a genealogy of the Bible.


But to my surprise, the day I arrived was a full moon and the birthday of Muhammad, the founder of Islam… This can hardly be called a coincidence. It was a divine providence!


So, the whole island, perhaps even the whole of Senegal…or even Muslims all over the world, will celebrate the day.
Naturally, Latir and his friends will also participate in the festivities and rituals.
(By the way, I just read on Wikipedia that the mosque on Goree Island is the oldest house of worship in Senegal.)


Being a non-Muslim and having no knowledge of the island, I wandered around the island in the dark under the full moon, where such sounds echoed all the way to the morning.


Even though it is a festival, it is a Muslim festival, and there is no way anyone would drink alcohol on such a holy day, and the sound of pure prayer echoes through the air. I could hardly sleep that day, and under the moonlight, I was intoxicated by the sound of their voices and drums. It was an ecstasy I had never experienced before, an experience of ecstatic time and space.


It is as if the “ruins” inside me, which I mentioned earlier at the beginning of the first part, are being healed….No, words cannot describe it.

Anyway, this day was a turning point in my life.

It was at this time that Islam was fully affirmed in me, and became something to be deeply known.


Once again.
how important this person’s presence is to the current Senagal.

Commonly known as BAMBA

It is said that this is the only photo left.

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ラティールに聞くところによれば、正直信じられない様な伝説の羅列で、兎にも角にも “聖人” だという。何よりもバンバは、ムスリムにとっての五行の一つ、ハッジという、1度はメッカを訪れねばならない、という行を否定したということは特筆すべきことだと思う。これはスンナ派という全ムスリムの90%を占める、約14億人の信者の中でも明らかに異端の考えだと思う。

Latir tells me that he is a “saint” in every sense of the word, with a litany of legends that I find hard to believe.
It is worth mentioning that Bamba denied the Hajj, one of the Five Elements of the Muslim religion, which requires one to visit Mecca at least once. This is clearly a heretical idea even among Sunnis, who make up 90% of all Muslims, about 1.4 billion believers.


He himself dared to perform the Hajj, but in the Sufi concept of oneness with God and Allah, it is not important to go to Mecca, but rather the individual’s love for God and the consciousness of connecting with Him that is important…


If you are not interested in religion or have an aversion to it in the first place, it may honestly be hard to follow, but I myself have been thinking about God since I was a child, so it is extremely interesting.


Since I was a small child, whenever I saw a Buddhist altar, a shrine, or a cross, I always wondered what on earth this was all about. Even at a young age, I was saddened and angered by the absurdity of family troubles and society, and felt resentment at the discrimination of people due to economic disparity, even though I was only five years old. Specifically, I was really pissed off when I saw the assistant director of the kindergarten I attended treat my childhood friend (the photographer’s son) badly, but flatter the child of the bank president. If there is a God, why does he give us such absurdity…. Why do people bicker, kick each other down, bad mouth each other, hate each other, start wars, etc.?

Are human beings really necessary for this world? 

Is there any meaning to life in such a world?


That was the first time I wanted to die, and I grabbed a knife. However, as a child, I didn’t have the courage to take my own life, and ended up crying.
After that, the sadness and anger never went away, and when I was 15, I began to curse God…. Seriously.
I’m going to destroy this shitty world.


However, music, which I began to listen to seriously from the age of 12, soothed me and gave me hope. I was taken to a live music club for the first time when I was 11 years old, and seeing my classmate’s older brother playing in a punk band and making a lot of noise, I impulsively joined the band and found something to vent my anger and sadness about there.

そして新宿の中学で出会った、今でもつながる友人TASAKAからHIPHOPを教えてもらい、PUBLIC ENEMYというグループに衝撃を受ける。おそらく初めての真っ黒なブラックミュージック…、MALCOM Xというネイション・オブ・イスラムという組織から影響を受けた人物の存在も知る。

Then, my friend TASAKA, whom I met in junior high school in Shinjuku and with whom I still have a connection, introduced me to HIPHOP, and I was shocked by a group called PUBLIC ENEMY. This was probably my first exposure to pitch black music…and I also learned of the existence of MALCOM X, an organization influenced by the Nation of Islam.
Although this information was difficult for a junior high school student to understand, I still understood and sympathized with how black people in the U.S. live in absurdity, struggle, and are compelled to express themselves.


The anger is purified through music.


This has not changed at all, even now that I am almost 50 years old.


As a side note, it is this premise that we are here in Africa.


In the morning, almost unable to sleep again, I went fishing with Latir early in the morning.
He left here at the age of 18 and moved to Japan ( migrant worker), not being able to speak English or Japanese, of course. I heard that he went through a lot of hardships, but he loves his mother deeply, and while he is back on the island, he does fishing out of the goodness of his heart and out of filial piety, hoping to make a little extra for his meals every time.


I tried it myself, and it was nice to fish in the morning glow… I remembered my father taking me boat fishing and rock fishing several times when I was little.

Whether in the far east or the far west, people are the same.

Then Latir tells me that I should definitely go to the Slave Museum first, so I go with Mars.


I was shocked from the beginning, I know there is a man’s room, a woman’s room… but when I saw a child’s room, I was struck by a terrible emotion.

The children’s cries echoed in my ears, even if they were auditory hallucinations.

I wonder how many people were brought here as slaves….


Goree Island was the largest hub of that slave trade. That is why the Western nations were competing with each other for it.
The island, with its precipitous cliffs and fortress-like shape, was the perfect place.
And so, the cannon at the beginning of this article.

奴隷貿易 slave trade


Nearly 300 years of Western expropriation and slave trade from Africa have disrupted the life, culture, and spirit of Africa itself.


In North America alone, there were 5 million. The total number of slaves forcibly transported to South America and Europe is estimated to be about 15 to 20 million, but that is only the number of survivors who made it through the long voyage, and in reality three to four times that many were transported.

The majority of them were transported from this island of Goree.


Closer to home, Fukuoka City has between 15 and 20 million people. In total, more than 70 million people were abducted from Africa, according to researchers who are not white but black. Among them, of course, were children…and given that they were to be used as labor, young boys and girls would naturally have been taken in the greatest numbers.


The feelings of children torn from their parents and siblings and taken away.
The feelings of parents who suddenly lose their children.
What kind of grief it is.

I wonder how many hearts were broken.

And the hearts of the people and children in this photo, who were shoved into a dark room with no electric lights and covered in feces and urine.

The above photo was used for the jacket of the piece below.


What kind of light was the view from this window for them?

The island of Goree as a precipitous slave holding facility was truly a painful experience.

Some tears were shed, but the harshness of the situation was so severe that it did not attract such sympathy.

In silence for a while, I walked with Mars, surrounded by the beautiful scenery and hot sun of this Goree Island.

The next day, I continued with Latir’s fishing.

And every day I go to Latir’s mother’s house (from a distance where I am staying) and treat myself to dinner.

His relative’s child staring at the mysterious oriental.

And the rice is flattering and super tasty!
It’s basically rice, and the meat is mostly chicken, with a lot of fish!


Goats were being processed in the neighborhood early in the morning, as circumcision, a mandatory ritual not only in Islam but also in Old Testament religions, was being practiced.

A goat that has been grazing around the area is one day processed.

The line between life and death is shallow.

The port is lined with buildings of so-called colonial architecture and style.


There are not many white tourists now, but I imagine what it must have been like during the heyday of slavery, which lasted about 300 years.
It makes me feel sorry for them.


And then I heard that a percussionist of Latir’s senior class was coming back home to perform live.

Latir was encouraged to join in, “You should hit it too!”

Here for the first time, Latir’s percussion style was quite Japanese, and compared to the local moros, I felt it was clearly sophiticated.


As you can hear, the machine-gun-like continuous attack of the senior Xima would be too much for you in Japan. (Chuckles) But in Africa, of course, this is more popular, and I feel that it is very African.
There may be no music or food that is universally popular anywhere in the world.


There was also a DJ party.

It was small, but it was the current sound of young people.

I feel so close to them!

I first got a sense of what’s called African art from a book called “Yashi Sake Drinker.”


Cubism in Picasso, and other three-dimensional creativity.
It is certainly in HIPHOP today, and of course in Jazz as well.Naturally, African local art, which is the origin of HipHop, is simple but somewhat strong, not in a neat form like in Japan, but rugged and dynamic.
This can certainly be felt in the music.

I heard that this kind of painting is called “patchwork,” which is unusual for me, and I could not restrain my desire to buy it, or rather, I thought that I could definitely use it on a jacket! I bought it and actually used it in this work.

As you can see, the colors are very rich, perhaps because of the different concentration of sunlight or the lack of humidity.

Personally, I tend not to use much color, perhaps because I was born and raised in the dirty world of Tokyo, but I am still very attracted to the use of colors that feel alive, and I also feel a sense of healing as a worldview created by people who have actually overcome incredibly harsh conditions.

I was also taken on sightseeing tours to Dakar and other areas a little further away.

The food we were treated to here was pretty good too!


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東京出身。15歳からバンドとDJの活動を並行して始め、スケートボードを通して知り合ったメンバーで結成されたバンドEvilPowersMeの音源は、結成後すぐにアメリカのイラストレイターPusheadのレーベル等からリリースされる。DJとしてもその革新的でオリジナルなスタイルが一世を風靡し、瞬く間に国内外の巨大なフェスからアンダーグランドなパーティまで活動が展開される。 ソロの楽曲制作としても米Grand RoyalからのBuffalo Daughterのリミックスを皮切りに、Boredoms等のリミックス等メジャー、インディー問わず様々なレーベルからリリースされる。2003年にキューバで現地ミュージシャンとレコーディングツアーを敢行したのを皮切りに、その後世界各地で録音を重ね、新たなWorld Musicの指針として、立ち上げたレーベルCrosspointを始動。
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Born in Tokyo, he started playing in bands and DJing at the same time when he was 15. As a DJ, his innovative and original style has taken the world by storm, and his activities have quickly expanded from huge festivals to underground parties both in Japan and abroad. In 2003, he went on a recording tour with local musicians in Cuba. In 2003, he went on a recording tour with local musicians in Cuba, and since then he has been recording all over the world, and started his own label, Crosspoint, as a new guideline for world music.
In addition to music production, he also produces video works, picture books and art books, and organized the outdoor festival “Jomon and Rebirth” in 2012. In 2017, he released HIGHTIME Inc. with DJ Tasaka, and in 2018, he released ZERO with MACKA-CHIN of NitroMicrophoneUnderground and MaL of PART2 STYLE. In 2018, he also started the unit ZEN RYDAZ with MACKA-CHIN of NitroMicrophoneUnderground and MaL of PART2STYLE.
In the same year, his music under the name of J.A.K.A.M. was released in analog form on the French label HardFist, which led to a live performance at the huge 30,000-person Nuits Sonores Festival, followed by a DJ tour of Europe and Israel. In 2019, the production of MYSTICS, a unit with Marcus Henriksson and Kuniyuki of the internationally popular Minilogue/Son Kite, began, and this year, 2021, the long-awaited album will be released. His original vision is spreading all over the world, crossing all genres.
He has been behind the decks at home and abroad with:
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