音に導かれる旅 インド 精神と肉体の叡智 プロローグ

Journeys Guided by Sound India The Wisdom of Spirit and Body prologue

インド 精神と肉体の叡智

India The Wisdom of Spirit and Body

インド ケララ
Kerala, India
February 13~March 19, 2020

という情報は代官山のUNITという場所でONENESS MEETINGを開催中に仲間から聞いた。
I heard from a friend during the ONENESS MEETING at a place called UNIT in Daikanyama that a bad virus had broken out in China, and that it was getting worse.

It was right after a young man from China asked me to sign my work.
I hesitated for a moment, but then laughed it off with my friends, saying that there was nothing we could do about it.

I instantly thought it sounded fishy, but I didn’t care.
I was rather grateful that they had come all the way from China to listen to our music.

At the time, I had no idea how hard it would be.

The venue was filled with more than 400 people, men and women of all ages, dressed in a variety of costumes, each expressing themselves in their own way.
I thought that the banquet hall, with its theme of “Jomon,” was the very place of human activities, festivals, and banquets that have continued since ancient times.

Letting go of your body and spirit by surrendering to the sound.
The act of human dancing, which has continued uninterruptedly until this very moment, is beautiful.
I always think so.

I began to think this way when I started listening to dance music at clubs.

Although there were Awaodori and Bon Odori dances in my hometowns of Nakano and Koenji, I had never experienced a trance-like state in the venue, where each person becomes oblivious and the sound itself becomes everything in that place.

Dancing is something that someone, an expert at it, does, and for a boy, it was just a boring thing to do, either to watch it or to enjoy the synchronization of everyone doing the same moves together.

The country’s modest nature, which makes it difficult to unbuckle the gag unless something is added to alter one’s consciousness, including alcohol, tends to monitor each individual, and there is a tendency in this country not to recognize impurity, as if anyone who deviates from this discipline is “evil”.

Before the Meiji period, there may have been more bullshit, but in a better sense, before the Edo period…
The militaryization of Japan may have increased the sense of stagnation and decreased the sense of generosity.

The theme of spiritual and physical liberation seems to have taken root in house music, which was born in New York City.
I think this is because the founder of the culture, David Mungiuso, was baptized in the hippie culture and, as is typical, had respect for Eastern thought, philosophy, and, more specifically, the invisible, awe, love, and a sense of the sacred.

He himself was an orphan of Italian descent, but he had many African and Asian friends, and I believe that he held parties as part of the spiritual culture of “humanity” while also linking them to the civil rights movement that began in 1960 in New York City, which can be said to be a melting pot of races.

OZOというバンドのANAMBRAという曲は彼のオーガナイズしていたThe Loftというパーティーにおいての一つのメタファー的なものだと個人的には思っている。
I personally think that the song ANAMBRA by the band OZO is a metaphor for a party he used to organize called The Loft.

The mood is so oriental that it smells phony, to say the least, to us Orientals. I don’t know if it is Japan, Tibet, India, or wherever, but anyway, the atmosphere is oriental and esoteric.

This is clearly different from Latin, Arab, or African cultures, and conversely, I believe that he has once again taught me a sense and sensibility that is unique to Asia.

Because ‘it’ is definitely there in the songs I have produced.

Objectively, Westerners think of Asian and Oriental sensibilities.
I think it’s a bit different for me – but still I have to think that it’s not completely wrong.

I was very happy to learn from a concerned friend that he had included a record back with this song of his in his record bag in his later years, and I wonder if you can feel some similarity.

It is a mixture of Ainu tongkoli, Kurdish drums, stringed instruments, flutes, Egyptian brass instruments, voices, and timbales played by African Cubans.

It’s too bad we don’t know which side he was trying to put on, but still, there is no denying that both songs have the aforementioned OZO ANAMBRA feel to them.

Of course, I didn’t create it with that in mind at all.

Conversely, I think there was something interesting and fascinating about it that they Westerners did not have.

So it is India, a country that is oriental and a symbol of the oriental.

There, Buddha, who is located in the center of the album of the aforementioned song, was born, which had a great influence on Japan as Buddhism, Hinduism, which is also the source of Buddhism, Brahmanism, Zoroastrianism, and Islam, which was fostered in the Arab world, were mixed in, and it is truly a nation and an area that is a whole blend.

Yes, a nation is impermanent, and its borders change from time to time, but an area is ambiguous, and that is why I personally think that is a clearer expression in a sense.

The area can be interpreted in an expanded sense, and the Orient is indeed a big one if we consider the whole area, and if we divide the West and the East, half of it is simply that, and in a more racial or, more specifically, cultural context, the West is indeed European, or, to put it more simply, outside the colonialist Western powers since the Industrial Revolution.

The world still has its hierarchy, unfortunately.

In short, it can be said that those with strong military power and those conquered by it.

Military power, as a result, eliminates the spiritual, the invisible, and emphasizes the value of the property in hand.

Because that’s what we want to get.

This may sound off-topic, but it is not, and the interpretation is that what is Asian or Oriental is at odds with what is Asian or Oriental.

For example, the concept of PEACE, or “peace”, seems to me to be somewhat westernized. How about you?

Naturally, there was bloody warfare in Asia and the Orient as well.
Genghis Khan extended his killing march to Spain, and the remnants are evident in Eastern Europe.

However, I feel that peace or Peace in the Asian or Oriental sense is more natural and in a sense assumed.

The aforementioned “Jomon” is also a name given by Westerners, but according to one theory, the “Jomon Period” lasted more than 10,000 years, and there is no evidence of a major war.

Whether it is a world unimaginable to Westerners is a matter of conjecture, but it is a historical fact that, including the indigenous Celtic peoples of Western Europe, it is only a buried memory, and the molding of imperialism has already built up on the wreckage, which, since the Industrial Revolution, has been a colonial policy, seeking treasures around the world and causing bloody scourges in various places to flourish in those places.

In the 1960s, young people living in the U.S. started the hippie movement as a reflection and atonement for their sins. In conjunction with this movement, the human rights movement started by Native Americans and people brought from Africa as slaves was also a movement that occurred with the image of the improvement of humanity as a whole in mind.

That is why David Manguso dared to put an oriental VIBE (atmosphere) into that dance party.

Perhaps there is a clue to the harmony of humankind in it.

長くなったが、それは冒頭に書いたONENESS MEETINGの直後、そのヒッピームーブメントの震源地、カリフォルニア、サンフランシスコに跳び、アフリカとネイティヴアメリカンの血持つジークさんの撮影のために約一週間滞在し、彼から元ブラックパンサー党員として1960年代、彼に何が起こったのかを詳しく聞け、その当時のそのムーブメントに関係する場所を案内してもらったことはまた重要な流れとなった。
It was a long time coming, but it was right after the ONENESS MEETING I wrote about at the beginning of this article, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Zeke, who is of African and Native American descent, for about a week to film him in San Francisco, California, the epicenter of the hippie movement, and to learn more about what happened to him as a former Black Panther in the 1960s. It was also important for me to be guided to places related to the movement at that time.

It is also strange that the founder of the Nation of Islam, an important organization for the Islamic movement in the U.S., is a Pakistani, but Mr. Zeke himself was also interested in Eastern philosophy in his late teens, and in the 1960s, especially on the West Coast, young people were devoted to Eastern philosophy and Zen, partly due to LSD, and all sought wisdom from the East, including musicians like the Beatles.

The spiritual center of the country is undoubtedly India, and although it does not currently hold a large share of the market in Japan, I believe that Buddhism, which was introduced by Buddha, is still the symbol of Oriental thought.

2001年にNew Yorkで起きたワールドトレードセンター爆破事件。通称9.11は一体何だったのか、いまだに謎に包まれているのは間違いないが、いずれにしろあの事件は世界に大きなインパクトを残した。
I first visited India 21 years ago in 2002.
The World Trade Center bombing in New York in 2001. What exactly was 9/11, as it is commonly called, is undoubtedly still shrouded in mystery, but in any case, the incident left a huge impact on the world.

その半年後、インド、マナリで開催されたLIFE FORCEという日本における最初のレイヴパーティー
(音楽的にはヨーロッパ系のハウスミュージックが基本)のトレッキングパーティーにDJとして参加(プラス、一人でバラナシでガンジス河を拝み、ブッダが開眼したサールナートにも)し、小さい頃から行くことになるだろうと思っていたインドに、まさに呼ばれたわけだが、そのLIFE FORCEというパーティーのオーガナイザーのMASSA氏から南インドのケララという場所は本当にいいところだと、現地からの手紙が届いたこともあり、いつか行ってみたいと思っていた。
Six months later, I participated as a DJ in a trekking party called LIFE FORCE in Manali, India, which was the first rave party (basically European house music) in Japan (plus I went to Varanasi alone to see the Ganges River and to Sarnath, where Buddha opened his eyes). I had been thinking that I would go to India since I was a little kid, and I had received a letter from MASSA, the organizer of the LIFE FORCE party, saying that Kerala in South India was a really nice place, and I wanted to go there someday. (The letter went on to say that it was too late to come to such a wonderful place.)

So, about 20 years have passed since I became aware of Kerala, but my wife has been practicing yoga and I have been doing it for more than 20 years in my own way, though I have not received any formal instruction, so I decided to visit Kerala, India at this time with my son, who is about to turn 2 years old.

Therefore, this trip may be a little out of sync with the theme, “A Journey Guided by Sound,” but nevertheless, as you will read, see, and hear, there is no doubt that “sound” is always surrounding the situation and creating an upward current.

I’ve said a lot of preamble, but please look forward to the unusual journey that is about to begin.

以前にも書いたが2002年末から2010年末まで福岡に住んでいた前半に出会った通称TORAさんという人が、自分のMEMORIESというアルバムを買ってくれ、その流れでCROSSPOINT@KIETH FLACKに遊びにきてくれ、話すと先述したLIFE FORCEのDJ NICK THE RECORDという UKのDJのベジタリアンフードの賄いを作っていたという。
As I have mentioned before, a man I met in the first half of my life in Fukuoka from the end of 2002 to the end of 2010, aka TORA-san, bought my MEMORIES album and came to visit me at CROSSPOINT@KIETH FLACK, where he told me he used to cook vegetarian food for a UK DJ named DJ NICK THE RECORD of the aforementioned LIFE FORCE.

Amma AKA Amati was an important person in Kerala, India,

and I remembered this and asked her about it. She suggested that I should stay at an ashram (temple) first and then make my next steps, so I immediately made a reservation for lodging, bought airline tickets, made my son’s passport, etc., all in a scramble.

Via Sri Lanka.

Arrival in India!

I had a bad feeling when the cab that had been offered to the ashram in advance did not show up at the airport, but…
Anyway, here we are at the ashram!

Then we arrived!

However, the sticker..,

Simply put, no “Asians” suspected of corona.

We were turned away at the door!

No matter how much we negotiate, they politely refuse…

Already evening.
The inn is the only place I’ve seen.

And that is India.

In any case, we have to enjoy ourselves here in India until we catch our return flight.
We changed our mind, enjoyed groping in the dark with a clean schedule, and changed our trip from excitement to finding the light!

Anyway, take a cab again to the nearest town, Kolam,

Overnight at a suitable inn.

When I woke up in the morning and went for a walk, I was surprised to see this mark..,

Looks like I’m already in India!

I was thrilled to be in a town

When strolling around the city, the baby is very popular.

I don’t know if this is India in general, but at least in this southern India in general, the reaction to children and babies is amazing.
They talk to them anyway and immediately ask to be allowed to hold them.

The food is also rich in coconut, slightly sweet, and even the children eat a lot.

If you come all the way to the south, you must go to the sea! So we headed further south to Kovalam.

It is said to be famous as a beach, and there are some people, but they are more local than tourist foreigners, like Izu in Kanto, for example, and are relaxed.

Kovalam beach in Kerala 2020


Bananas are also local and delicious!
We eat a lot of them.

Just these few days alone, I could get used to India, barefoot and playing with off-leash dogs.

The adaptability of children is tremendous.

Now the journey is just beginning.


東京出身。15歳からバンドとDJの活動を並行して始め、スケートボードを通して知り合ったメンバーで結成されたバンドEvilPowersMeの音源は、結成後すぐにアメリカのイラストレイターPusheadのレーベル等からリリースされる。DJとしてもその革新的でオリジナルなスタイルが一世を風靡し、瞬く間に国内外の巨大なフェスからアンダーグランドなパーティまで活動が展開される。 ソロの楽曲制作としても米Grand RoyalからのBuffalo Daughterのリミックスを皮切りに、Boredoms等のリミックス等メジャー、インディー問わず様々なレーベルからリリースされる。2003年にキューバで現地ミュージシャンとレコーディングツアーを敢行したのを皮切りに、その後世界各地で録音を重ね、新たなWorld Musicの指針として、立ち上げたレーベルCROSSPOINTを始動。
2015年から始まった怒濤の9ヶ月連続ヴァイナルリリースは大きな話題になり、その影響でベルリン/イスラエルのレーベルMalka Tutiなどからワールドワイドにリリースされ、DJ TASAKAとのHIGHTIME Inc.、Nitro Microphone UndergroundのMACKA-CHINとPART2STYLEのMaLとのユニットZEN RYDAZ、Minilogue/Son KiteのMarcus HenrikssonとKuniyukiとのユニットMYSTICSなど、そのオリジナルなヴィジョンは、あらゆるジャンルをまたぎ、拡散し続けている。また音楽制作のみならず、映像作品、絵本や画集 のプロデュース、野外フェスOoneness Camp”縄文と再生”を企画するなど活動は多岐に渡る。

Born in Tokyo, he started playing in bands and DJing at the same time when he was 15. As a DJ, his innovative and original style and his activities have quickly expanded from huge festivals to underground parties both in Japan and abroad. In 2003, he went on a recording tour with local musicians in Cuba, and since then he has been recording all over the world, and started his own label, Crosspoint, as a new guideline for New World Music.
In music production, he has also produced video works, picture books and art books, and organized the outdoor festival “Jomon and Rebirth” in 2012.
9 consecutive months of vinyl releases in 2015 became a big topic, and his fourth album was released at the end of that year, which led to the worldwide release of his new album on the Berlin/Israeli label Malka Tuti.
HIGHTIME Inc. with DJ TASAKA in 2017, and ZEN RYDAZ, a unit with MACKA-CHIN of Nitro Microphone Underground and MaL of PART2STYLE, in 2018.
In the same year, his music under the name of J.A.K.A.M. was released in analog form on the French label HardFist, which led to a live performance at the huge 30,000-person Nuits Sonores Festival in Lyon, followed by a DJ tour of Europe and Israel.
In 2019, the production of MYSTICS, a unit with Marcus Henriksson and Kuniyuki of Minilogue/Son Kite, which has a worldwide following, will begin, and the long-awaited album will be released in 2021.
His original vision is spreading across all genres and around the world.

校正・英訳:編集部 名取、池上
Proofreading and English translation: Editorial department Natori, Ikegami